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Alessandra Beltrame grew up in a family in which everyone was and is exceptionally creative. Music, theater, literature, crafts, museums and travel have had a strong influence on her inner world. Born in Switzerland in 1962 to Italian parents, her works repeatedly refer to this double identity. The core of her art is the basic principles of democracy and freedom as well as the love for social and societal issues.

Her artistic journey began in 1986 at the St. Gallen City Theater, where she completed her training as a make-up artist. Her path took her to Bali for 6 months in 1988, where she worked intensively on making fascinating wooden masks and was able to develop her creativity. She also worked for Donato Sartori for four months in 1987, where she dedicated herself to the Comedia dell'Arte and created masks of a very special kind. This time greatly influenced her further work. 

Starting from current events, she always engages very intensively with a topic and delves into specific aspects over several months of research (interviews, written documents, historical records), such as consumer behavior, belief/hope, the boundary between private and public, and the visualization of intimacy.


Her themes are influenced both by this magical "MOMENT OF VOID" and by literature and encounters. Each work has a depth and complexity that is difficult to describe. Therefore, the moment is important for her, when the work achieves an autonomy of communication with the visitors, and she as an artist is no longer relevant. In THE WORK MUST BE DIFFERENT FROM THE ARTIST, she addresses this theme. Gold leather and a red thread are currently at the forefront.


Her objects and installations, which are based on extensive drawing studies and concepts, follow thematic focal points. In the implementation of these themes, there is always a conscious engagement with the tension between the core theme, the specific material, the shaping of the objects, the space, and the environment. The craftsmanship skills are therefore not repeatable. Her goal is to illustrate the theme in the object or installation through material abstraction. Alessandra Beltrame lives and works in St. Gallen. Her works and installations have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions, including... [list of exhibitions].


Tagblatt SG : VOR SICHT – Vadian Bank - MARTIN PREISSER

"Alessandra Beltrame presents her works under the title 'Per un Pelo - by a hair's breadth' at 41/2, Project Space for Cultural Affairs. Her works revolve around Tina Modotti's hair, the hair-raising financial world, and the coffee grounds of her visitors."
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