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Art is the reason to talk about it.

Just say it


The small wooden house on stilts became the perfect place to realize the project THE GALLERY. There, I staged, on one hand, the solitary and steep existential path of artists and, on the other hand, explored the question of how art reaches the public.

25 artists provided a work each for THE GALLERY. My task was to curate these artworks.

Every day, I collected all the coffee grounds "produced" by the artist community, carried them up the hill, and used them to create a "construction site" with four text beds under the stilts.

ART IS THE REASON TO SPEAK ABOUT IT, (collected studio dust) encompasses, in a reduced and multi-layered manner, all the communicative levels that art includes. Because both on the construction site (creative process) and in the gallery (public), communication is indispensable.

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